Who is Running the Casino?

How shocked would you be to learn that there are video game publishers in the industry who are not honest? Publishers who exploit and coax their consumers out of millions of dollars every single year. You don’t need to be heavily involved in that market to see what is going on. If there has been one “loot box” debacle in the last five years, there has been a hundred of them. Once those gaming companies smelled blood, they pounced on the opportunity to capitalize on an addicted audience. Even those of us who were keen to what was going on were duped in some ways. The idea of there being continuous content releasing for a game title sounds like an exciting idea on the surface. It sounds like a gift that keeps on giving. But once you stop to think about it critically, the mask comes off.

And just like the famous Poe story, you’re staring into the face of the red death. It got what it wanted and needed from you and is now marching away with your dollar. You can’t recoup it. It’s in the hands of people who hate you and you handed it to them willingly. Why do they hate you? Besides from the fact that they would see you part with your earnings in order to fund their gambling enterprises, it is what they are using those earnings for that solidifies they’re contempt for their audience.

There it is. It is crystal clear now and not up for debate. These companies use your money to fund domestic terror organizations and they are completely honest about it. It doesn’t matter where you fall on the sides of the argument. One thing we can all agree on is that we are at a crossroads with these companies. We have the choice to continue funding them, which in turn, funds our own demise, or we can use the most powerful weapon to deflate them.

This weapon is not a brick through a window, or a car on fire. This weapon is not even a firearm or a sharp blade. The weapon is your dollar. You have to ask yourself if purchasing that really awesome map in Call of Duty or that cool looking character skin in Mortal Kombat is worth your morals, your soul. You don’t just have a responsibility to yourself in this situation, you have a responsibility to society. Now that you know where the funds go, you’re actively in support of their campaign if you offer a single cent for their products. The mask is off and the devil is at the door.

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