Cloak and Dagger

The LGBTQ movement is about the sexual liberation of men. That’s not to say that it is not used as the catalyst for other endeavors, but it is, by design, about men’s desire to explore their sexual curiosities without the natural speed bumps a functional society puts in place for them.

The 1970’s proposed the first big social risk for homosexuals. Not only does the lifestyle operate counterproductively toward the replenishment of society, but it also tips that scale in the other direction and contributes to many deaths as a result of HIV transmission. This is a grim reality for a community of individuals who just want to get married, so they say. Once society pushed back a single inch in what was a very clear concern for public health, the rainbow exploded and men flocked to the streets in leather chokers, assless chaps and whips to declare their unified stance against decency.

For a day in age when being a western man means you are branded with the sins of your ancestors, the chastisement of such attacks hover just overhead but miss gay men. They know this. They use this. They’re emboldened by it. Every letter added is another community rallied behind men who desperately want to have sex with other men and not suffer the guilt that should naturally accompany that act when it results in something tragic.

I’m not an expert on the science behind homosexuality. I don’t claim to even be knowledgeable about it. But I do live in the United States in 2020, which means the scene is forced down my throat at every turn. It’s curious that a group of people who claim to only want to be accepted by society will not leave you alone long enough to experience a reaction from you at all. But maybe that’s beside my point here.

The modern left has found its kicks in demonizing men and accusing them of running amuck through western civilization while simultaneously letting men run amuck through their movement and use it as a shield to protect their sexual degeneracy. Do not let this irony be lost you. They’re weak, their bloodline is weak, and history will likely forget them.

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