Let me start by being very clear about something. I believe a man or woman is entitled to the profit they receive for their work. I know this isn’t a controversial opinion, and it’s largely shared by most of us, however, clarifying my position at the start is relevant, as you’ll see, if you keep reading.

If I’ve typed a single word about the pitfall that is Hollywood and the out of touch deviants parading around it, I’ve typed a thousand. It’s no secret that I view the film industry (almost in its entirety) as a multi billion dollar platform to promote evil and destroy children. Giving this, I don’t pay too much attention to the ramblings that find headlines. However, today was different. Today I read an article that stopped me in my tracks.

Now, for many of us, realizing that Disney wasn’t going to do anything with him was something we recognized within the first 15 minutes of The Force Awakens after his character rapidly experienced a story arc that could’ve easily (and definitely should’ve) been played out for at least the first two films. The idea of a stormtrooper having a change of heart isn’t a bad direction for a Star Wars character. But if the internal battle is over within the first act of the trilogy, what else do you have for this guy? Turns out….nothing.

Of course John did what most race hustlers do in the industry, he turned his grievance regarding his character into a skin color issue. He claims that the producers of the films had no plan for the likes of him and actress Kelly Marie Tran beyond their introductions. Well…yea. There was no plan for the entire trilogy, John. If these movies were not received so poorly by fans, do you think we would be hearing a word from John? Absolutely not. And further more, isn’t the time to take a principled stance against your racist producers after you’ve read the script and before you start shooting the movie? It looks like John conveniently waited until the checks cleared the bank before he decided to stir up a very effective frenzy in the midst of what is already a prickly time in our society.

I’ll sum my reaction up like this. I don’t believe him. Period. I don’t believe his experience was negative, I don’t believe the producers of those films are racists and I don’t believe John’s character was the only one who suffered by the end of the production of those movies. I simply don’t believe him. If he wants to convince me, then he would pay back every dime he made. If he doesn’t, then didn’t he knowingly associate himself with “racists” and do so for monetary gain? I’m not submitting to that stance either. But if we’re to play by the rules of the game he is starting, then that is the logical conclusion.

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  1. As many of his colleagues, Mr. Boyega understood that his career is probably already finished and that dumb political activism is the only way to stay afloat. I don’t know why people can’t realize this and pretend he’s a great man or something.


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